What is Architectural Signage?

Interior Business sign, signs, sign, wall graphicsArchitectural Signage is a term used to refer to a sign, that assists in identification and/or wayfinding in a facility or campus while incorporating and promoting the client’s brand identity. This can include monuments, channel letters, directional and ADA room signs or any elements which help to guide and inform visitors on site.  Most architectural signage complements the design of the facility by incorporating building materials used in the facility. There is a ton of great ways to make you brand stand out from the pack by having Signarama make you a large impactful sign to capture the attention of your clients. Give us a call today and see how we can help you grow your business.

Material Type and Sizes:

  • Sizes vary depending on application and viewing distance. Signs can range from 2-3 ft across to 40ft or more
  • Aluminum, brass, acrylic, channel letters, and lightboxes

Use, Longevity & UV Stability:

  • Permanent Outdoor
  • Professionally promotes business location


  • Store front Sign
  • Business Sign
  • Office Front Sign
  • Industrial Park/Warehouse Sign

Life Expectancy:

  • Outdoor –5+ years
  • Note: There is no guarantee of life expectancy as climate conditions vary